Corporate Membership

Muirfield Golf Club provides Corporate membership opportunities to organisations including comprehensive golfing, business and entertainment services that cater to company and individual needs.

A company taking up Corporate membership with Muirfield Golf Club will be issued with one Corporate Primary Members Card for the nominated person, with playing rights equivalent to a 7 Day Member.

A Corporate Company Card will also be issued which will entitle that person to bring up to three guests to the golf course without having to pay a green fee, whenever the tee is available, outside of the Club’s daily competition times.

Additional Corporate members (up to three) may be nominated by the company at an additional fee per person. Those persons will be granted a Corporate Members Card with 5 Day playing rights (Monday to Friday). There will be no Joining Fee for additional Corporate Members. All individual Corporate Memberships will be valid only as long as the company maintains its Corporate membership.

A Corporate member using the Company Card may bring additional visitors (i.e. more than three) and pay the Guest of Members rate for all visitors in excess of three. All Guests must be in the same group or an adjacent group to the Corporate Member.

Corporate Members are able to utilise marketing space and time from the club through various methods.

Corporate Golf Day. A company holding a Corporate membership will be entitled to a 10% discount on one corporate golf day per year (Green fee component only).

Corporate Membership Fees for the 2024/25 membership year

Category Corporate Member Additional Member
Joining Fee Nil Nil
Annual subscription $4,950.00 $4,475.00