Membership Categories & Fees

Please Note: Membership is currently Closed for Full Playing categories.  New applications will go onto a waiting list.  Applications will be opened again from 1st July 2024.

Muirfield Golf Club provides golfing and recreational facilities for all levels of golfing ability and is one of Sydney’s most popular and friendly clubs.

The Club has recently developed a new portfolio of membership options.  The options relate to today’s world and offer affordable categories for every range of golfer.  The following information provides an understanding of the various membership categories that are available at Muirfield Golf Club. This should be read in conjunction with the information contained on the application forms. These can be down loaded by simply clicking on one of the following links.

Membership Introduction Scheme
The Introduction scheme is currently on hold, as the Club has a large waiting list for Membership.

Application Forms:

NEW Playing Application Form 2024-2025

House Membership Application Form

Membership Information for 2024-2025

Fees By

Affil., Ins. & Jnr/Crs Levies

Annual Total Joining Fee
Full Playing – Men & Women
7 Day
1,745.00 705.00 2,450.00 NIL
Weekday – Men & Women
Monday – Friday
1,555.00 685.00 2,240.00 NIL
Intermediate II (30-35 years)
7 Day
1,555.00 685.00 2,240.00 NIL
Intermediate I (24-29 years)
7 Day
1,015.00 635.00 1,650.00 NIL
Intermediate (18-23 years)
7 Day
480.00 400.00 880.00 NIL
Junior (13-17 years)
7 Day 
240.00 200.00 440.00 NIL
Tyro/Cadet (8-12 years)
7 Day  (conditions apply)
70.00 110.00 180.00 NIL
No Golf Course Access
5.00 5.00
Amounts rounded for ease